Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Blog...

I HONESTLY have like 3 or 4 posts I need to do at the moment.  We had an awesome day with the girls today - including a trip to a great family friend's farm.  I finished my first Quiet book (Though I think I forgot to take pics of the finished product before I gave it to my friend.)  I applied for Unemployment due to my recent lack of a job, and got my letter in the mail today saying I qualify and for what amount.  I've also decided to start school this fall (partially because chris has decided to wait til next spring to finish up his prereqs.)  I'll be getting a technical degree or diploma for medical administrative assistant.  It is already midnight at the moment and my head feels like it's floating so all these wonderful posts will have to wait til tomorrow.  Then tomorrow there's church, and dindin at the In-laws... so it may even be postponed til monday!!!!  I'm just hoping there's nothing else that happens that I feel the need to blog about before then!!!!!

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