Friday, July 16, 2010

Just what you needed to hear

I'm going to warn you by saying that this is probably crazy cheesy... But It what I needed at the moment.

I follow blog links like crazy... i bounce from one blog to another.  That is usually how I find some great information, ideas, tips, tricks... whatever.

Just now, I found just what I needed to read/hear.

This manifesto of encouragement isn't exactly what I need to read.  But pretty close.  Then I kept reading.  All the comments.  Like the 4th one down said this.

Someone knows you're not broken. Even if you feel like you are. They're remembering who you are when you forget.

Now that, was exactly what I needed to read.

I have felt broken for a long time now.  But through it all, there are a few people in my life who, when I find myself stuck in a valley, reach down, and pull me back up again.

My wonderful husband Chris... there just aren't words.  He's everything.  He's my heart and soul, my world, my eternity.  

My amazing family...  they can always make me laugh.

My great friends... who may be blunt, or 1/2 way across the country, but can still listen to promptings, and say the words I need to hear.

My Father in Heaven... 

I'm very grateful right now for those people who remember who I am when I forget.  Cause I tend to forget alot lately.  And they are always there to remind me!

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  1. I've been the same way lately. i read a passage from a book that puts it pretty blunt. there is no room for self-contempt in heaven. period. sooo whenever i start thinking negative about myself... i mean i tear myself to shreds just like you seem to do, i remember that AND I'm not broken, I'm SPECIAL! For whatever reason God has made us the way we are, predisposed to depression. and in my case bipolar. so keep on holding your head above water and fighting the beast. some days we win, and other days we lose, but doesn't it feel AWESOME to end a day you won? you and I are pretty similar with our projects and creativeness, except it seems you are better about turning your plans into products and not dreaming about them for months like I'm prone to do. I hope I help you as much as you help me. even though you feel no good at times, your fight is quite the example to me. =)


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