Tuesday, July 13, 2010

T's Perspectives

Taylor has been sneaking into my office and getting my camera recently.  She actually handles it pretty well, so there have been a few times when I'll let her use it and take some pictures.  She's really not too bad about capturing her image.  I'm pretty proud.  For the sake of space on my memory card, here's some of T's Perspectives

*** There is one thing that really drives me nuts about all this.  How come Moo will sit and pose for T... but run away from me when I get the camera out (see previous post.)  I don't understand.***

*** I love this one.  She's got the cutest toes.***


  1. So, I have to ask...have you always called her T? We call Tessa that too...as in Matilda (Big Daddy's Mom)...just wondering...not that we see each other a ton or anything. Just interesting. ;)

  2. :) I remember you calling Tessa T too. T (in our case) is short for T-bone. Taylor will tell you that's her nick name. It's just easier to shorten it. Maddie is Maddie Moo, but I call her moo for short.

    Taylor is also monkey, sissy, T.B. (I hate that one), Taylor Tot (hate that one too), pumpkin doodle, and a few others I think.

    So don't worry (i'm sure you're not really!) - Tessa will always be THE "T" as far as we're concerned. ;)


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