Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rocketing Off...

into fun filled exciting adventures with...
Big K, little e, little a, little v, little e, little n.

Today, me and the girls had blast. And here's the proof
When did she get so sassy?  She's totally hamming it up for the camera!
Had a great morning at home, cleaned the whole apartment, got baths, had an awesome lunch, then loaded up and headed out to "Old McDonald's Farm" for some ice cream and play place time!
She kept getting frustrated with me for licking off the melting ice cream
Such a pretty smile!
Love my girls
Came home from Mickey D's for nap time.  Then dinner once dad got home, and then off to the Sounds game for FHE.
We snuck in drinks.  

I'm beginning to think we're bad luck.  Notice they had SIX (6) RUNS and only one hit.  Our pitcher walked the first 5 up to bat.  :/
Having a blast at the game.  We got dippin dots and funnel cake.  I think the girls had enough sugar today to last them the entire week!
Fun name.
The girls fussed the ENTIRE time to see Ozzie.  When we finally went to go see him, they both FLIPPED out and started screaming!  What a kodak moment!

All in all, my first day unemployed was pretty great.

Me and Chris have been discussing our future alot over the past 2 days and we both know we're heading in the right direction.  It's a great (peaceful) feeling to have.  I'm glad to spend more time just me and the girls.

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  1. Gosh, isn't that the truth? My girls always throw a fit to see the Easter Bunny, etc. and (now that they are a little older) don't throw a fit...they just act like it's no big deal. Your girls are so cute. I miss 'em.


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