Monday, August 30, 2010

A bit of a redesign...

So... to make it easier... I've done a bit of a redesign and made it easy to access all my blogs on the right... over here -------------------------------------------------------------------->

So check them out.

I am thankful everyday is my gratitude journal.  Everyday for a year I'm going to add a picture and another thing I'm thankful for.

Boogers and Pearls is... well... boogers and pearls.

And Keaven's quotes is a quote collection.  I have filled journal after journal (that's right tiff... remember those good day bad day books?) with my favorite quotes.  the only problem is, I can never find one that I need, when I need it.  So I figured this way I can label them and have them organized by the labels or categories or whatever!  I'm way excited.  Haven't added in a little while, but when I have some down time I will.

Anyways, Enjoy the blogs.  :)

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