Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girls Day Out

It was a park kinda day.
Especially since our 100 degree weather was only 90.

I didn't want the usual parks.
No Cane Ridge.
No Smyrna.
No Murfreesboro.
No Hendersonville.
No Play Place
No Mall
Somewhere we'd never been.

Me and the girls went out to Fannie Mae park (is that right?)
Talk about perfect weather.
And there's a DRAGON at the park too.  How cool is that?

The girls wanted their picture taken with the dragon so I whipped out my camera...
only to realize I'd left the memory card home,
So I went to grab my phone...
only to discover I'd left it at home as well.

After some playing and swinging
and sliding and running
 and crawling and falling
 and crying and kissing boo boos
 and seesawing and snacking
and climbing and finding pine cones
 and an abnormally friendly squirrel who ate my granola bar,

We went to Centennial park
for some duck feeding,
train admiring,
airplane looking,
flower picking,
running from pigeons,
peeing in the bushes,
geese threatening,

I figured my girls would be pooped,
passed out in the car,
taking a good 3 hour long nap.
But no... Their not.

Should I make them do laps around the apartment???


  1. You are right. It is the Fannie Mae Dees Park or the Dragon Park. Glad y'all had fun. You have reminded me of all the fun we had as kids at Centennial Park. Good luck getting the girls to take a nap.

  2. Jennifer, after 2 1/2 hours of fighting... the girls are FINALLY out. I haven't even had a chance to eat lunch yet. My stomach is growlin so much.

    I didn't really think the girls would enjoy centennial park as much, but they loved it as much as the playground at Fannie Mae Dees. We didn't go to the playground at centennial but just walked around and stuff. They LOVED it too.

    I was kickin myself in the toosh for leaving my camera at home too. All those flowers and the pond, the train and airplane... some great kodak moments. Aww Well, maybe next time.


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