Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Also, I'm still working a bit on the girls room.  In fact...

Here's what I'm working on.  
Top Left, the girls blessing dresses.  I'm going to hang them over each of the girls beds on the wall.  :)  
Top Middle, The girls curtain for their closet, they pulled it down, so I am going to put it back up, but not have it gathered in the middle, but on either side.
Top right, a frame, letter art, and two books, gotta finish painting the frame and then hang all these up in the girls room.
The bottom, the girls bunting.  I'm going to make more and hang it around 3 walls of their room instead of 2 like before.

Anyways... In the midst of doing the girls room, me and Chris have also started on our room... moving the bed and the rest of the furniture.

We have a bed frame but no headboard, and instead of getting one... for now we like this idea...

Here's another one...

and another one...

I may let chris design it since he's better at art than me... 
I have him beat in the crafts department, but he has an artistic eye.  Me... Not so much.  
I can copy, I can't create.

Anyways, Once it's all done, there will be pics... I promise.

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  1. Aaah, so this is what has kept you away. I love it! You're so good! I'm getting there. I wish we lived close by so you could help me. =) Yesterday I made a half apron, and I've printed some coupons out for shopping today, lol.


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