Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Crazy Night

While playing around tonight I realized this small set of china I bought 2 years ago in a yard sale for $5 for the whole box is worth ...
$200 for the pieces I have.

Yeah.  $5 into $200... CRAZY.
Also, I thought the edges of these plates were like silver plated or something like that.  Nope.  That's platinum.  
I'm putting the pieces into a yard sale, hence why I wanted to know their worth.  Now I know they're actually worth something... I kinda wanna keep them.

Also Tonight, This happened

Chris so lovingly did the dishes for me tonight.  (He cooked too.)  We are out of dishwashing detergent, so he put just a bit of dish soap in the washer.

We made the most of it though...

and let the girls have a ball in our Bubble Puddle!

Now they don't have to have a bath tonight and I don't have to mop the floor!


  1. could you sell the gorgeous china for it's worth to a collector???

  2. I'm not sure. I really don't think so though. too much work.


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