Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Final Decoration

On Saturday we bought the girls a bunk bed for $25 at a yard sale.  GO US!

Yes I do think my girls are still too small for a bunk bed, especially one this high (I fell off it today.  I can't imagine one of the girls doing that.)  But lucky for us, it's a full on the bottom and twin on top.  So Plenty of room for my chick's to sleep on it together on the bottom.

This did cause some redecoration to their room, though not too major.  So here goes, yet again... the girls room.
the girls sleeping together.

Their bunk bed.  Had to bleep out Maddie... she sleeps without panties on so she can go potty easier at night.

bunting is now across the 3 main walls instead of 2

Their closet

A DIY project, yarn mural.  I cut out the shapes in cardboard, wrapped the yarn around them, then nailed them too the wall.  Adds color since we can't paint!  I may end up adding a couple more smaller ones beside this one... or a bug or two.  IDK.

The other wall.  There are still lots to be hung up on the walls... including special book shelfs made out of gutters, the girls names from aunt leeann and uncle michael, their blessing certificates, and their name letters.

Just gotta figure out placement.  And I can't do that at 12:13 at night.  So it is now bed time.  I have to be up in, oh, 5 hours!  woohoo!

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