Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still Kickin, kinda

The past 2 days I've hardly gotten off my rump to do much of anything, let alone take pictures and blog about it. But there is lots to blog about.  Maddie is still without diapers.  Yes, there have been a few accidents, including Nursery on Sunday... But I really think she's getting the hang of it.  She did go this morning without any encouragement from anyone... Just walked over to the potty and went on her own!

I've sewn my last project for a while, but they were cute, and I'll show them off soon... there were a few other things I've made and not posted, but will post as soon as I get my camera back (left it at mom's and dad's.)

We all went to see Shrek 4 last night in the $1.50 theater.  It was great fun, and Isaac and John came with.  It was an awesome FHE.

Tonight there is a Clothing/Toy/Household Item exchange at church.  I'm so excited to get rid of some stuff that's been taking up closet space, and also excited to see what fun stuff I can find for me and the girls.  Kinda nervous in the clothing department though.  We'll see how it goes... and i think Krystin may come with me... I hope.

Anyways - That's what's been going on sorta.  There's more, but the girls are fighting.  Later!


  1. dear keaven,

    i have the cutest idea for you for maddie's birthday cake, you are going to love it!! google "cake bunting" and look at all of the adorable fabric or paper bunting you could make with 2 skewers and some string. you could do it with the same papers as the bunting in her room. you could make the bigger bunting to match for decorations. i squealed when i saw it, it was just too cute and i thought of maddie. anywho, let me know if you like it.


  2. We want to go see Shrek soon. You've gotta love the dollar theater! You'll have to say how the exchange went!


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