Saturday, August 7, 2010

Potty Talk

After a couple months of semi potty training - some days a bit more hard core than others - I think Maddie finally has it down.  She has been diaper free for about 36 hours now (which is convenient cause we only have 3 diapers left).  She slept with just a shirt on last night, with her potty chair right outside her door so when she woke up needing to go, she could go pee, then get right back into bed.  And SUCCESS! No accidents.

She is still trying to hold it sometimes, not wanting to stop playing or whatever... But she knows when she can't hold it anymore and she'll finally sit and go.  We're going to attempt wearing panties to church, which will not be a first for going out in panties... but a first for going to church.  I'm not sure how she'll do in nursery with her panties.  We'll see.  But we're sticking to it.  NO MORE DIAPERS.

It's also kinda convenient because the girls wear the same size panties... Taylor has no butt and Maddie has a BIG butt, so it works out nicely.

On a side note... It has REALLY hit me the past couple days that my girls are growing up.  I can't believe some of the conversations me and Taylor have had lately.  Where did this kid come from?  How did she get so smart? Where did she learn all these things?  And why does she already act like she's 16?  And Maddie is no longer a baby.  The potty training confirms it.  I'm missing the little baby stages, nursing a newborn, swaddling a tiny baby and holding her throughout nap time, baths in the sink... I'm slightly baby hungry.  But this is HORRIBLE timing. And I have no doubt in my mind that a baby is the LAST thing we need right now.  It'll just have to wait a bit longer.  And I need my sister-in-laws to step up their game and get some more babies coming. ;)  That way I can enjoy the tiny toes and fingers... but not have to deal with the late night feedings and crying and gas and spit up, etc.  Carrie's doing her part, but come on Krystin, Candace, LeeAnn... Heck even Cayce!  Step up to the plate and help me out!

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  1. I don't know if everyone getting pregnant will stifle your baby hungriness. It hasn't helped me out AT all. Almost all of Matt's siblings have either just had babies or about to have babies. It's been hard to watch. But, it is hard watching your kids grow up right before your eyes. I start to feel a little un-needed, but it's nice at the same time to have the freedoms that come with having older children.


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