Thursday, August 19, 2010

A few of my DIY

A few parts of the girls room redo...
The tissue paper pom poms I made from saved tissue paper.
The curtain I hung over their closet doorway to girl-i-fy it.
Moved these shelves from over their bed to beside their closet.
I love the "Who put the Big in Big Orange" book.
And the painted Kittens are one of Taylor's Favorites... katie made them.

Some of the new storage in the girls room.  I bought two closet hanger things for their dress up stuff.  A small tie and belt one for their purses, and a coat and hat one for their dresses.  Now they're easy to get to, and easy to put up.

I made the girls a sign for their door.  The black is chalkboard paint, so the girls can draw or decorate them as they want.

I also took an old dry erase calendar and painted it with the Chalkboard paint.  Savannah got a hold of this calendar along time ago (a year or two ago???) and wrote this on it.
It came with us when we moved, so a bit was erased, but I had to take a picture to remember... that SAVANNAH LOVES ME!

Here's the finished product.  A memo board chalk board.
It currently has my grocery list on it.

I was proud of my lettering.  I actually copied it from picnik, and traced it on.  I bet if I hadn't said that no one would have ever known and I could have completely taken credit.  Oh well.

Hopefully today I'll finish the girls room (and maybe the laundry if I feel like it.)

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