Friday, August 13, 2010

Isn't it Ironic

Yesterday I took my girls up to my mom's and dad's to spend the night.  I really needed a break.  I was so excited at first to have 24 hours of peace and quiet. 

Then last night, when it was time for bed... I started crying... All I wanted was to hold my babies.  I even asked chris at one point if we could go pick the girls up...  CRAZY, I know!!!! 

I don't understand it.  They drive me nuts.  I can't get ANYTHING done.  I wish so badly at times that they'd disappear so that I could get 1 thing on my to do completed! 

Then the second they're gone, I miss them, their laughter, their funny comments, their smiles, their spirits.

I can't wait to go pick them up this evening.  I miss my girls.

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  1. i can understand that, and if you were over tired maybe that had to do with it. when i'm tired i feel everything a thousand times magnified.


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