Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Naked Cowgirls

 have to first say that I DID NOT put my daughters up to this.  This was COMPLETELY their own doing.

I was cleaning their closet and turned around to find them like this.

Taylor does have panties on, but maddie... She goes all out.  I have so many jokes in my head right now... including a few with "bare back" in there.  

She's completely posing here.  She CRACKS me up when she poses.
Oh what a handful she will be in another 10 years!!!

My favorite was when Taylor said, "Well, I sure thank you."  
Where does she come up with this stuff?

Here's a few more pics from today
Maddie fed her rocking horse after their ride.  I didn't know rocking horses liked Chex Mix.

Here's the tent we built in the living room today to protect Taylor from the thunder.

Lastly, here's Taylor's Lady Bug.  She is a very talented artist, just like her daddy.
While she was drawing this, Chris told her that Lady bugs only have 3 legs on each side.  Not 4.  I just realized she drew 3 sets of 4 legs.  She was listening dad!!!

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  1. They are so cute. They are both getting so big! I love kiddo sweet.


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