Monday, August 30, 2010

It's a celebration

Yesterday we celebrated the 26 yrs and 42 weeks anniversary of my mom and dad "celebrating."

On my birthday card Chris actually wrote... and I quote, " I would like to thank your parents for having sex 26 years and 42 weeks ago.  Nice one Rick and Beckye!!!"

I had a great birthday and even got a holy grail of clothing from my mom and dad.

How gorgeous is this dress.  And so awesome for fall too.  I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it.  Maybe church or a date night.

Anyways - I had an awesome birthday.  It's fun to share a birthday so close to my sister-in-law too.  Leeann's birthday is 3 days before mine.  So we got to celebrate with 2 different cakes.  Between the two of us there are 53 years, but luckily, my mom did not have 53 candles... THANK GOODNESS.

Yup.  I'm one year older, I feel a bit wiser, not nearly as much as needed, but some.  And I'm excited for this next year.

Oh, BTW, have you seen my latest project?
Check it out.


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